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Edward Hicks

| Call 2004

Profile: Commercial Disputes

Experience and Expertise

Edward has a wide experience of commercial litigation, regularly advising and acting in commercial disputes at all stages from initial advice to enforcement of judgments. Edward’s work includes advising and acting in relation to disputes concerning all aspects of the law of contract and restitution for unjust enrichment.

Edward’s recent work includes dealing with disputes in relation to deeds, partnerships, joint venture agreements, corporate liability, directors’ duties and liabilities, loans, guarantees, mortgages and charges, consumer credit, construction/building disputes, the setting aside of transactions for fraud, duress, undue influence, unconscionability or lack of mental capacity, restitution arising out of void contracts, contracts for the sale of land and penalty clauses.

Edward has acted in a number of recent cases in which contract disputes have arisen in connection with family law disputes, in particular in relation to the interests of a divorcing couple in a farming partnership, the enforcement of the terms of a contract entered into between a divorcing couple, and a dispute as to the validity of a loan between a husband going through a divorce and his parents.

Edward Hicks
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