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Francesca Quint

| Call 1970

Profile: Mediation and Arbitration

Experience and Expertise

Francesca trained as a mediator with CEDR and The Academy of Experts, and qualified as a mediator in 1997. She is happy both to act as a mediator and to represent clients at mediations whatever the subject of the dispute. She is also sometimes asked to provide a written opinion on a matter within her specialist expertise on which both sides have agreed in advance to be bound, in the manner of Expert Determination.

She has found the experience invaluable in enabling her better to assist clients to settle their disputes by negotiation, a desirable solution in most cases and particularly for charity clients, whose supporters may not approve of their funds being used for litigation. Francesca is currently a member of the Council of The Academy of Experts.

Whilst it is not possible to provide details of the cases in which Francesca has acted as a mediator they include not only charity law matters and disputes involving wills but also questions arising from criminal law, the law of contract and property law.

Francesca Quint
"Francesca is our "go-to" Counsel on charity matters where we need a combination of detailed in-depth knowledge of charity law and practice, coupled with a healthy dose of pragmatic common sense."

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