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Nathan Wells

| Call 2000

Profile: Mediation and Arbitration

Experience and Expertise

Nathan has considerable experience as an advocate in mediations. He has participated in a large number of mediations over the years, almost all of which have resulted in settlement.

All disputes have the potential to be resolved in mediation and Nathan has acted successfully in mediations involving commercial clients and large businesses as well as those involving family members.

He has found that private client disputes between family members, such as Will disputes and 1975 Act claims, are particularly amenable to mediation and many of his cases in these areas result in settlement.

Ultimately, however, he takes a realistic approach to each case. In those (fairly rare) cases which are not likely to be susceptible to mediation, he will ensure that time and money is not wasted in pursuing an unattainable settlement.

Nathan Wells
“Attentive and listens closely to his clients' problems.”

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