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Piers Feltham

| Call 1985

Profile: Banking and Financial Services

Experience and Expertise

Piers Feltham drafts, advises on, and litigates over the enforcement of bank securities and retention of title, which cases frequently involve complex issues as to priority.

He also regularly deals with cases involving the law relating to cheques, bills of exchange and other negotiable instruments. He is currently resisting a claim on behalf of an estate on a gift made by cheque that was written and presented but not paid prior to the death of the drawer and contesting the application to the case of the principles considered in Pennington v Waine on the completion of gifts.

In Lloyd’s Bank v Hawkins [1998] 3 EGLR 109 Piers successfully resisted a claim for the full amount due under a mortgage securing a guarantee, both at first instance and in the Court of Appeal, on the admitted technicality that the bank had previously sued on the guarantee and by mistake obtained judgment for a considerably lesser sum than was due.

Piers Feltham
“An invaluable advocate who provides advice that is beyond great.”

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