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Piers Feltham

| Call 1985

Profile: Charities

Experience and Expertise

Piers Feltham advises and acts for charities on topics such as: charitable status, the construction of charitable trusts and articles of association, the appointment and removal of trustees, resolution of internal factional disputes, fundraising and the use of trading companies, taxation, land transactions, mergers and acquisitions, breach of trust and fiduciary duties, cy-prés application, and winding up of charities.

Piers also frequently advises on the identification and tracing of charities that have been misnamed as donees of testamentary gifts, or have ceased to exist or merged prior to or since a will was made, and as to cy-prés application, or application under sign manual, in respect of gifts that would otherwise fail.

He has acted in major disputes, particularly in the Midlands, East London, and Southampton relating to Muslim mosques and Sikh temples.

Recent charity clients include schools, a zoo, a sports club, welfare organisations, a think tank, a mosque, a museum and an order of nuns.

Examples of recent work are advising on whether the Court of Appeal’s Pre-Human Rights Act ruling on the status of residents in almshouses survives recent decisions as to the effect of the Act on landlord and tenant law. Piers has also advised a local authority whether the charitable trusts on which it holds parkland in the centre of the city under statute prevent it from allowing vehicles to cross the park, following conflicting opinions of several leading counsel, which resulted in the bringing of proceedings against the Attorney General which were then conceded by the Attorney General.

In Re East Grinstead Working Men’s Club [2011] WTLR 975 Piers represented the interests of the descendants of the original charitable donors against Counsel for the Attorney General in a case that raised complex issues relating to the Recreational Charities Act, the Charitable Trusts Validation Act, and the rule against inalienability.

Piers is a member of the Chancery Bar Association the Society of Trusts and Estate Practitioners, the Association of Trusts and Probate Specialists and the Charity Law Association.

He has lectured and participated in seminars with members of the Government, Third Sector and Legal Profession in Northern Ireland and England on the public benefit requirement.

Piers was for ten years a Trustee Alone in London Charity for the young homeless, and an Honorary Scientific Fellow of the Zoological Society of London (in recognition of pro bono work to prevent closure of London Zoo). He is presently a Trustee of the Mausolea and Monuments Trust and a trustee of Fitzrovia Community Centre.

Piers Feltham
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