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Piers Feltham

| Call 1985

Profile: Commercial Disputes

Experience and Expertise

Piers Feltham acts in commercial disputes, domestic and international, of all sizes, particularly those involving commercial property and enforcement of security. He has particular expertise, as an editor of Spencer Bower on Estoppel by Representation, in dealing with claims to the benefit of an estoppel by convention in the interpretation of documents governing complex legal relationships.

Otherwise, his commercial practice is chiefly in the areas of transactional formation (including mistake misrepresentation and undue influence, and drafting work in relation to the establishment of shareholder agreements and joint ventures), contractual interpretation, the effect of illegality, breach of contract and economic torts, specific performance, injunctions, and restitution, and includes work in the specific areas of agency, bills of exchange, conflict of laws, credit and security, sale of goods and the law of guarantees. He has often obtained and enforced Freezing Orders and argued in response that Freezing and Anton Piller Orders should be discharged with cost consequences (see eg Indicii Salus ltd v Chandrasekaran [2008] EWCA Civ 67).

He recently defended proceedings commenced in the Commercial Court then transferred to the Chancery Division in respect of losses of over 1,000 mortgages securitised by Lehman Brothers in which claims of negligence and fraud were made against solicitors, mortgage brokers and valuers and the central issue was lender knowledge and waiver.

Piers was also responsible for trust and property law and wayleave damages in the team of Counsel acting in large scale group litigation for the Bodo community against Shell Petroleum that reached the landmark settlement in the Bonny-Bomu oil pipeline litigation.

Piers Feltham
“An efficient operator who doesn't get needlessly caught up in over-lawyering an issue.”

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