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Piers Feltham

| Call 1985

Profile: Insolvency

Experience and Expertise

Piers Feltham advises and litigates in relation to both personal and corporate insolvency. Prior to and during insolvency proceedings Piers advises and acted to protect the rights of creditors and enforce securities in cases with competing priorities.

He has brought and defended claims to set aside transactions at an undervalue and preferences, and to impose liability on directors for trading while insolvent, as well as defending directors’ disqualification proceedings. He has brought and defended bankruptcy and winding up petitions where the issues as to liability are on which the petition’s base has been complex.

He has conducted both private and public examinations, including a public examination in which the examination elicited that the bankrupt had not only sold his employer’s own cattle to him but had sold them as live after they had been put down during the BSE crisis.

He also advises liquidators, receivers, administrators and trustees in bankruptcy in relation to their duties, and advise executors in relation to insolvent estates, including Re Vos applications.


Cases and Work of Note

Piers Feltham
“A clear, incisive thinker”

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