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Piers Feltham

| Call 1985

Profile: International

Experience and Expertise

Piers Feltham is often called upon to advise and/or seek the Directions of the Court in relation to the administration of cross-border estates. He also advises on issues arising in relation to the administration and taxation of offshore trusts.

Many of the commercial and property disputes in which Piers acts and advises have an international aspect in that they include disputes over rights to property located abroad and/or raise issues as to the conflict of laws.

He negotiated a successful mediation on the eve of one month trial of a very substantial claim by the Department of Trade and Industry which was contested on the basis that enforcement of the compromise settlement under which it was claimed was a breach of the European prohibition on State Aid.

Piers has also appeared successfully against Leading Counsel in the Privy Council on appeals from Africa and the Caribbean.


Cases and Work of Note

Piers advised on probate issues in relation to the recent Mau Mau claim and was responsible for trust and property law and wayleave damages in the team of Counsel acting in large scale group litigation for the Bodo community against Shell Petroleum, that reached the landmark settlement in the Bonny-Bomu oil pipeline litigation.

Piers Feltham
“Piers Feltham impresses by being cerebral and practical at the same time.”

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