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Francesca Quint gives evidence to the House of Commons PASC

Francesca Quint was recently invited to give evidence to the House of Commons Public Administration Select Committee (PASC), which is reviewing the implementation and operation of the Charities Act 2006. She appeared before PASC on 30 October as a member of a panel of three (the others being Philip Kirkpatrick of Bates Wells & Braithwaite and Matthew Burgess of the Independent Schools Council), who were asked questions about public benefit, independent schools and campaigning by charities.

Francesca made some specific recommendations for further changes to the law. The session, which lasted an hour, was followed by evidence about the Plymouth Brethren. A recording of both sessions is available to be viewed on Parliament TV and transcripts will be published during the week of 5 November on www.parliament.uk/pasc.

Please click here to view Francesca Quint’s profile.