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Members of Chambers edit or contribute to a number of leading textbooks. They also write articles for relevant legal journals, with recent examples as follows:

Challenging fraudulent judgments by Dov Ohrenstein

To set aside a judgment on the grounds of fraud, is it necessary to show that the evidence of fraud was unavailable at the trial and could not have been obtained with reasonable diligence? In May 2015, two High Court Judges gave totally contradictory answers to this question.


An impossible position: fraud claims, solicitors and their fees

This article written by Shantanu Majumdar considers a solicitor’s liability to account in respect of fees received from its defendant client where a claimant makes a proprietary claim to the proceeds of fraud.


Priority in Sale and Leaseback: Article by Mark West

In this article Mark West considers the recent decision of the Supreme Court in Scott v. Southern Pacific Mortgages Ltd [2014] UKSC 52 which concerned the question of priorities in the unregulated sale and leaseback market. In particular (1) where the purchasers were in a position at the date of exchange of contracts to confer equitable proprietary rights on the vendors, as opposed to personal rights only (2) (on which the Court was divided) even if the equitable rights of the vendors were more than merely personal rights, did the rationale of the decision of the House of Lords in Abbey National Building Society v Cann apply.

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