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Shantanu Majumdar speaks at UK-US judicial seminar on the use of technology in e-disclosure

Shantanu Majumdar joined Senior Master Whitaker, US Magistrate Judge Andrew Peck and Bob Lewis MBE, Global Director of CFI/eDiscovery, Barclays Bank plc in a panel discussion hosted by Epiq Systems on 27 June 2012 and moderated by Epiq’s Laura Kibbe.

Its focus was the use of technology in the management of the ever-growing volumes of e-disclosure material and of “predictive coding” in particular as a cost-effective alternative to “human” review in identifying disclosable documents.

The discussion included professional fear of and ignorance about the available technology, what judges regard as a reasonable and defensible use of technology, the importance of input from technology experts and senior lawyers at an early stage of the process and of co-operation between the parties in designing the process.

The seminar can be viewed at: http://www1.axisto.co.uk/webcasting/investis/epiq/epiq-panel-debate/ and in his blog, the noted commentator on e-disclosure Chris Dale (of the e-Disclosure Information Project), commented that:

“This was a wide-ranging and important session which went far beyond its advertised remit, at least in its implications.”


“The best panels, however, make you lift your eyes beyond the next step and encourage you to look round the corners ahead. This one certainly did that.”

His full account can be found athttp://chrisdale.wordpress.com/2012/07/04/epiq-systems-london-judicial-panel-points-to-future-of-technology-assisted-review/#more-8209

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