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Francesca Quint

Call: 1970


Francesca Quint is best known as a specialist in charity law, an area in which she has been working for the whole of her career to date. Charity law naturally overlaps with distinct areas of law in which Francesca also practises which impinge on the activities of charities. These include education, housing, ecclesiastical law and aspects of public law.

It also extends to those areas which affect people who wish to support charities, such as wills, trusts and tax, in which Francesca is often asked to advise regardless of any specific charity involvement, and where an individual or organisation has a dispute with a charity. In addition, her experience in charity law has led to Francesca being asked to advise comparable organisations which are not charities.


"Francesca provided a much-needed expert advice in a very helpful manner and an excellent written opinion in language easily accessible for the lay trustee as well."
(Chancery: Traditional, Chambers HNW London Bar 2023)
"For charities work she is very thorough and very good."
(Chancery: Traditional, Chambers HNW London Bar 2023)