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Fraudulent Calumny—The Unanswered Questions

Josh Lewison recently featured in [2024] Private Client Business Issue 3 for his article on ‘Fraudulent Calumny—The Unanswered Questions’. Over the past ten years or so, the plea of fraudulent calumny has emerged as a mainstay of contentious probate claims, almost on a par with testamentary capacity, want of knowledge and approval and undue influence. […]

PSG Trust Corporation v CK [2024] EWCOP 14

Justin Holmes 1

Justin Holmes, instructed by the Official Solicitor, was successful in PSG Trust Corporation v CK [2024] EWCOP 14, a decision of Hayden J, which considered the circumstances in which knowledge of the size of her compensation fund could be withheld from P. It is not uncommon, particularly in brain injury cases, for survivors to be […]

Kate Selway KC

Kate Selway 1

She has appeared in the Supreme Court, the Court of Appeal and has a wealth of trial experience in the High Court. She also regularly appears in the first tier and upper tribunals in tax, charity and property appeals and in the Court of Protection. As a junior she was on the Attorney General’s A, […]

Blessings: when worlds collide – Article by David Mohyuddin KC and Daniel Burton

For over 100 years, the English Courts have entertained applications by trustees for directions, including to bless proposed “momentous” exercises of powers. Recently, this jurisdiction has extended through judicial decisions to corporate office-holders. The jurisdiction has received increasing scrutiny, not least in relation to the vexed question of immunity, resulting in the Court of Appeal’s recent […]