Untangling encroachment and adverse possession (Radcliffe talks Real Estate)

Favourite Cases: Parker v British Airways Board - Article by Natalie Pratt

In this Radcliffe talks Real Estate webinar, Edward Hicks will explore the doctrine of encroachment by which tenants may obtain rights in their landlord’s or third party land beyond the extent of the demised premises, in particular in the context of a cynical land grab by the tenant. The discussion will include: • How the doctrine generally operates in […]

Elizabeth Ovey

Elizabeth Ovey 1

Elizabeth is a part-time judge of the Upper Tribunal, which gives her an additional insight into the tribunal side of the Courts and Tribunals Service, which now encompasses financial services, pensions and charity matters. Elizabeth is regularly involved in advising in connection with and attending mediations in her areas of practice. She is ranked as […]

Pro- and anti-member trends in judicial decision-making – some recent cases

Covid 19, remote execution and forged wills

Are the courts pro-member when deciding pensions cases? Sometimes it seems that the underlying and unexpressed rationale for a decision is the court’s unspoken sympathy for the position of one or other party. You are invited to explore this issue through a discussion of some recent pensions cases at a seminar presented by Oliver Hilton, […]

Piers Feltham

Piers Feltham 3

The spectrum of his practice is such that at different times he has legally advised the Conservative Party, the Labour Party, the Liberal Democrat Party, the Communist Party of Great Britain, the Workers’ Revolutionary Party and the Muslim Council of Great Britain, and his pro bono work includes helping the “Ad Hoc” group of zoologists […]

Video: Witness Statements – The New Rules

Witness Statements – The New Rules

Witness Statements – The New Rules is hosted by Shantanu Majumdar KC, Dov Ohrenstein and Lauren Kreamer. From 6th April 2021 new rules will apply to most trial witness statements in the Business & Property Courts. This webinar focuses on the practical consequences for litigators: How to ensure statements comply with the new requirements; the […]