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Workshops on challenging suspicious wills

Join Charles Holbech, Emma Loizou and Poppy Rimington-Pounder for a series of two workshops on challenging suspicious wills.

Each one-hour workshop in this series will focus on a different case study designed to illustrate the possible claims and defences facing parties who challenge or defend “suspicious” wills on the grounds of:

  • undue influence;
  • fraudulent calumny;
  • want of knowledge and approval;
  • testamentary incapacity; and
  • lack of due execution.

The aim of the series is to analyse the strengths and weaknesses of the various heads of claim by reference to two case studies. There will also be some discussion as to practical steps that may need to be taken, such as the instruction of a suitable medical expert.

Both webinars will deal with all five heads of claim, but the facts will differ, so we recommend attending both webinars in order to gain the broadest possible overview.

The first webinar will be led by Charles Holbech and Emma Loizou, and will take place at 11 am on Friday 29 October.
You can register on Zoom here.

The second webinar will be led by Charles Holbech and Poppy Rimington-Pounder, and will take place at 11 am on Thursday 25 November.
You can register on Zoom here.

Please email if you have any questions.