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Favourite Cases: Salomon v Salomon – Video by Shantanu Majumdar KC

In this edition of Favourite Cases, Shantanu Majumdar KC explores the historic decision of the House of Lords in Salomon v Salomon [1897] AC 22, a case concerning a Victorian leather merchant and his business arrangements, which continues to reflect the general rule that companies have separate legal personalities to their members, however few those members may be.

Shantanu says: “Too many cases are described as “seminal” or as “landmark” but Salomon v Salomon is the real thing. It is a striking example of the central role which the law can play in our economic and commercial lives and remains undoubted authority well over a century after it was decided…”

Favourite Cases is a Radcliffe Chambers project for August 2020, which takes a look at interesting and important chancery and commercial decisions.