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Three cases on contempt of court and what they mean for commercial fraud litigation – Article by Shantanu Majumdar KC

Recent weeks have seen a spate of decisions on contempt of court. Most are sentencing cases and thus of little general interest since they turn on their facts. However, three cases do raise issues of general principle which not infrequently arise in the commercial fraud context. In this article, Shantanu Majumdar KC discusses Andreewitch v Moutreuil [2020] EWCA Civ 382 (the right to silence at a committal hearing), Integral Petroleum SA v Petrogat FZE [2020] EWHC 558 (Comm) (threats to commit – an abuse of process?) and Dell Emerging Markets (EMEA) Ltd v Systems Equipment Telecommunications Services SAL (2 April 2020) (proceeding in the respondent’s absence). You can download the article here.