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Video: Untangling encroachment and adverse possession (Radcliffe talks Real Estate)

In this Radcliffe talks Real Estate webinar, Edward Hicks explores the doctrine of encroachment by which tenants may obtain rights in their landlord’s or third party land beyond the extent of the demised premises, in particular in the context of a cynical land grab by the tenant.

The discussion includes:

  • How the doctrine generally operates in practice.
  • What (if any) theoretical basis exists for the doctrine; adverse possession or something else?
  • Why it matters, especially in respect of registered land.
  • What practical implications there may be for the landlord and tenant during the tenancy.

Presentation slides:

Untangling encroachments and adverse possession – Ed Hicks, Radcliffe Chambers

You can also watch this webinar on our YouTube channel here.

Recorded on 29 June 2021.

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