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Watts v Watts [2023] EWHC 679 (Ch)

In a case that has attracted much media attention, last week Master Clark handed down judgment in a case concerning an allegedly forged will.

The Claimant, Carlton Watts, had brought proceedings against his mother, Jobyna Watts, for allegedly forging her late husband’s will (“the Will”). Mr Watts alleged Ms Watts had used the will of his brother, Fraser Watts – produced and witnessed by the attesting solicitor 2 weeks apart – as a template from which to forge the Will.

The case highlights the importance placed on the evidence of an attesting witness (see [26]-[30]) and, in addition, the extent to which an expert’s opinion withstands scrutiny in cross examination (see [49]).

Master Clark concluded the Will was not a forgery.

Justin Holmes appeared for the Claimant and Matthew Tonnard appeared for the Defendant.

The Judgment can be viewed on BAILII here